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Why I'm Running

Wilmington neighborhoods — outside of downtown and the Riverfront—are crumbling. The lack of investment in our communities has led to increased violent crime and a growing income gap for the people who live there. As mayor, I would commit to revitalizing these forgotten neighborhoods to ensure that all residents have an opportunity to achieve a better life. 

We can no longer settle for an administration that puts the interests of property ahead of its people and petty self interests before the greater good for the community. I’m committed to rebuilding the public trust and bridging the gap to connect City Hall to every corner and corridor in Wilmington.

2020 Neighborhood Restoration Plan 

Putting the “Neighbor” Back into Our Neighborhoods:

  • Creating District Action Plans- We will build trust within the community by encouraging residents to be engaged and participate in the revitalization of their own neighborhoods. As mayor, I will work with the Neighborhood Planning Council to develop a plan for each district to strengthen the community.

  • Increasing Access to Youth Enrichment Programs - Studies indicate that enrichment programs help children succeed in school and in life. We will leverage City resources to increase access to and incentivize the expansion of evidence-based programs that aim to develop the “whole” child by exposing our local youth to arts, culture, and sports.

Bridging the Gap from City Hall to Your Community:

  • Host Annual Town Halls Across the City - We will invite the community to attend public town halls across the city to address residents’ issues and  concerns. These town halls will also offer vital city updates and resources.

  • Launching the Neighborhood Coordinating Officers Program - Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) would work day in and day out–to increase police and community connectivity. These officers would be embedded within the neighborhood to build connections with residents, help address local concerns, and keep the community safe

Preserving the Public Trust:

  • Procurement Policy Committee - This committee will review the City’s procurement process and address any vulnerabilities and inequities. My goal is to ensure all businesses, especially women and minority-owned businesses, have a seat at the table and are included in the process.
  • Creating a Criminal Justice Advisory Council - this council would consist of judges, elected leaders, and officials representing  local and state agencies.  The mission Of the body would be to increase transparency and accountability of law enforcement as they review  police and court processes, in addition to oversight of treatment programs. The Criminal Justice Advisory Committee would also study juvenile and criminal systems to evaluate or identify areas for improvement and offer policies to improve the processes.



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